About Us

Rising Stars Academy offers learning in a safe, playful and loving environment for you to feel secure to leave your child for the day.  Our brand new facility offers affordable prices with highly qualified staff in a child friendly environment.

We believe that each child should be provided with hands-on learning experiences to promote social and emotional growth and development.  This approach ensures that each child’s learning experience at Rising Stars Academy will be individualized at the proper pace and level to provide them with the educational foundation for a successful future.

Our Vision

Through teaching and commitment to excellence we will:

  • Provide an enriched educational experience that allows children to discover their unique abilities in an environment that stimulates creativity, exploration and acceptance.
  • Provide children with a strong foundation for future learning and success through hands on learning with the teachers and your child.
  • Positively impact young minds with a love of learning that will guide them through their entire lives.
  • Develop lifelong relationships, create family bonds and enhance the quality of life for our families.