Toddlers thrive when they are in a loving and supportive environment.  At Rising Stars Academy, they can explore and discover under the careful supervision and direction of teachers who encourage and cherish the child's accomplishments.

Our teachers take time to communicate with parents through notes, telephone calls and scheduled meetings.  Monthly themes are used to carefully introduce language, sensory awareness, colors, manipulatives, self-expression and story time.  Classrooms are set up into learning centers, allowing the children to explore areas that are of interest to them.

Progress Reports are done three times during the school year.  During these reports, your teacher will review your child's developmental progress reports and portfolio.  This process enables you to understand your child’s accomplishments, and it also assists the teacher in making necessary adjustments to meet your child’s needs in the classroom.  This observation and progress reporting program will help you and your child achieve a smooth transition into the next stage of his or her education


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