Rising Stars Academy is a preschool that provides educational care that allows your child to engage in learning activities.  We design to meet your child's developmental needs and advance them academically and socially to the next level.  Our students develop skills throughout their time at our preschool by engaging in learning that is both fun and rewarding.


We have stimulating classrooms with structured centers to start and progress their academic needs.  Rising Stars Academy's curriculum promotes creativity, language, literacy, cognitive development, social-emotional skills and physical activity.

Our learning supplies and equipment enable your child to meet or exceed his or her developmental stage.  Children explore all facets of their environment and use different materials and learning aids that have passed detailed evaluations by our well-trained faculty.  


Our preschool is equipped with a variety of audio and visual aids, educational toys, games, puzzles and learning supplies.  The various classrooms within our school are decorated with a variety of colorful pictures, nursery rhyme depictions, seasonal scenes, maps, bilingual calendars and color charts, as well as other age-appropriate materials designed to stimulate the children's curiosity and to support our curriculum.


Program Benefits

  • Large outdoor playground
  • Dedicated, well-trained preschool staff
  • Care for each child as a individual
  • Maintain a low student/teacher ratios
  • Open year round
  • We allow the children to learn through stimulating hands on activities and play
  • Nutritious meals prepared in our kitchen and served fresh in our cafeteria