At this age, our teachers focus on encouraging their students to learn, respecting their work, strengthen their self images, exploring their interests, marveling in their creativity and offering a child-centered classroom.  

The Abeka and S.T.E.M. curriculum are used with an emphasis on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, language skills, writing and reading skills. Classrooms are set up in learning centers, which allow for teacher-directed activities, while maintaining flexibility for the children to independently explore areas of interest.

This unique environment helps children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically, while also enhancing their self-confidence to a level that will prepare them for Pre-K. 

Progress Reports are done three times during the school year.  During these reports, your teacher will review your child's developmental progress reports and portfolio.  This process enables you to understand your child’s accomplishments, and it also assists the teacher in making necessary adjustments to meet your child’s needs in the classroom.  This observation and progress reporting program will help you and your child achieve a smooth transition into the next stage of his or her education.